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Miljenko Stojić, »River« (»Rijeka«), ICMM, Međugorje, 2002.

In his book River (Rijeka), author Father Miljenko Stojić (born 1960 in Dragićina, near Međugorje) included 47 texts, all of them formerly published as editorials in the journal Glas mira (Voice Of Peace), in the period from January 1998 until January 2002. Texts are written in the atmosphere of the appearance of the Virgin Mary in Međugorje, and in everything he says, the author impresses us with the inspiration from her messages, most of all in turbulent times, through which it is possible to sail peacefully. By describing certain occurrences and situations, from the familiar surroundings and life of Christians, to the international society, he splits possible controversies and fills the life-giving horizons, in which the greatness of the small is reflected, not only in words or prayers, but also in doing; in turning to our neighbour, known and the unknown one, in inspiration with examples that are passing us by.

For the author, prayer is the most natural state for a man. When we pray, we become aware of ourselves and of our dignity. Such encouragements broaden the horizons of cognition and hope of the one who loves God, because safety is the cornerstone and the standpoint in life, but it also carries on the constant questioning. Who am I, what am I and what must I do – as much as those are questions originated from the everyday life, they are what encourages us and leads the way. To stay within the horizon of the achieved, self sufficient and self-pleasing, is the way to cave in the image of the world and world of the image, as much as it is a humiliation of the true, Christian values. True Christians never put emphasis on themselves and their belonging to Christianity. After all, Stojić wrote: »True Christianity was never pure authority, but the confirmed religious and social life«. In everyday life there are many temptations, it is important to choose the right path. And in that search, there are questions: what are we open to – fullness of life or just the material around us.

Miljenko Stojić's book River, following his earlier essays, is a work of richness, of encouraging pearls, which question us and instructs us out loud. It asks us to stop at some heartening station, to go over everything we read once again inside our mind and then to go on – with our cross towards the fullness of life and the spiritual revival. Despite everything. 

Nenad Valentin Borozan

Most (The Bridge), 2-3, Zagreb, September 2003, p. 64